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STAR GUEST WIFI is coming up with new innovative. New ideas are making up world to access the world in your fingertips. Star wifi is free guest wifi connector and building own branding. Its customer friendly. All the time waiting makes feel bore at hospitals, lodges, Malls, hotels, restaurants, platforms, cinema theatres and some other locations.

STAR GUEST WIFI will make to turn your killing time to globetrotting, You can login by using facebook, twitter, instagram, google+ or Mobile OTP Login. A simple way to do is QR Login  (you need to generate the user n pass or QR Code). It helps in marketing your product with simple images or video ads, which gets display at every login. Not to be fear of Usage, it can be made limited with speed/data/time control for each guest individual. Each and every login will be captured in cloud base service panel, which keeps your track/ login record highly secured. Shakeup amenity to the customer who regularly visits your places, you can render discounts to these customers, by the number of visits made by the customer through SMS or email on one click. We have an analysis report which gives you gender, age, location and visit wise report. It helps you in bring up your hospitality towards individual customer.

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# Pioneers in Social Wifi
# Proprietary Technology
# India based Software
# 24 x 7 Support Avaliable
# Lowest Pricing 


# Know who your customers are
# Collect Likes and Follows
# Gain new customers
# Automatically email new customers
# Target specific customers
# Save time and money


Social wifi marketing in the sense of connecting customers to wifi they may connect with their social media or email or mobile opt if they connect with social media most popular media like facebook /instagram/twitter/google+ customers need to follow or like page of client at that venue to get the internet access.

   After liking or follow the page in social media customers will get updates or notification if any that particular service provider. Who got like by the customers in social wifi service provider no need to worry about social media marketing and spend some money for social media marketing all are at free of cost. he need update is page if any offers and discounts, he can directly provide to customers without paying any money to third party promoters.

Wi-Fi management solutions:

Every client providing wifi to their customers in their venue but it will not help client to get the new customer. If you use our service in venue it will help you to find new customers and repeated customers get back to your venue by offers and great discounts.

Bus wifi: 

Are you looking for wifi for your bus star wifi have a best solution for your bus. For bus we are providing wifi and as well as local area storage. in this storage you can store movies songs, video songs books etc. depending upon your target travellers on their interests.

In bus wifi we are providing 200-300 mbps of speed data transfer from storage to user .